Basic all vernaculars voice forming application licenses you to type and extra substance by your voice in all lingos of the world. With the staggering component of this free application, you can change over any English or other language sound or talk into text. You can in like manner save this substance as talk note entry in the saved portion of this application. 


The application 'All Languages Voice Typing Keyboard Speech to Text' contains following course of action of features: 

Voice Typing Keyboard in All Languages - App is in like manner a voice forming console, you can use it as voice support for making into any out of the language referenced underneath. Voice forming console makes you type text viably with the help of your voice and offer it with some other application in phone. 

Talk to Text Converter - It in like manner has a segment of snappy talk to message converter for any language. No other android application on Play store is better than this talk to message change. 

Text to Speech(Speaking and Talking Text)- This application is in like manner accommodating with its substance to speech(speaking of text) feature. You can incorporate content by voice or you can reorder text in this application from some other source and it will talk that text for you with its dumbfounding substance to talk feature. 

Saved Speech Notes - Users can in like manner save all talk notes, you can modify any talk note later by tapping on change button in saved talk note entry. 

Voice Typing Text Chat - App is also useful in voice creating for visit text, you can type any substance for any language and you can similarly confer that text to other social and text talking applications in your phone. 

English Speech to Text - Most of the time it is incredibly hard for non English Speakers to type long messages in English. It's very useful taking everything into account, they can use it as English Speech to message converter for making long substance notes or articles in English. 

Sound to Text Converter - It is in like manner an amazing sound to message change gadget. You can in like manner incorporate highlight by chatting with your voice, structure will remember it e.g for including comma talk 'comma'. 

Mediator - It also fills in as typographer, you can use it in sound to message record. 

Voice to message Converter - This application is in like manner an accommodating and stunning voice to message converter. 

Creating with voice and Dictation App - Dictation made straightforward, with this application you can type with voice and you can without a doubt achieved any record work. 

Download Voice Typing Keyboard For Android 

Voice Typing in All Languages - Easy voice making for all tongues application is open in these 100+ dialects.

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