What is the secret of the number written in PAN Card?

What is the secret of the number written in PAN Card?


These days, using a PAN card is significant. It is in like manner uses as an ID card. You also need to have a PAN card with a Permanent Account Number underneath your date of birth. This number is 10 digits. This number has a one of a kind hugeness. This sort of information is concealed in this number. 

The underlying three digits of the page in the Incometax Department address the English letter set game plan. This all together game plan contains a movement of three English letters from AAA to ZZZ. Which is constrained by the yearly obligation office. 

The fourth number of the PAN card shows the status of the compensation resident. 

In case P is in the fourth spot, it shows that it is an individual number. That is, it doesn't have a spot with any one person. In case it is F, by then appreciate that this number has a spot with some firm. Also C to Company and AOP to Association of Person, T to Trust, H to Undivided Hindu Family, B to Body of Individual, L to Local, J to Artificial Judicial Person, G to Government. 

The fifth digit of the PAN card is furthermore an English letter. It shows the essential letter of the cardholder's family name. For example, if one's family name is Kumar, the fifth digit of the PAN card will be K if it is Khurana. The essential letter of the last name comes after four digits. This number can be any four digits between 00001 to 9999. Is the plan number of the individual obligation office. 


The tenth digit of the PAN card is in like manner an English letter. According to the yearly obligation office, it could be a check number of the letter set. This can be any letter from beginning to end

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