There is a simple rule of life and that if there is no discipline then there is no progress.

A river reaches the ocean and becomes ocean by flowing under discipline.  By tying in discipline, a vine rises from the ground and attains a tree-like height, and while under discipline, the air itself becomes fragrant by incorporating the fragrance of flowers into itself and fills the four directions with fragrance.

When water is inferior, it takes the form of flood, air becomes inferior to discipline, then it becomes a storm and if fire becomes inferior, it becomes a cause of great destruction.  In the same way, indiscipline leads to the destruction of one's own life as well as to others.

If the train moves in discipline, the enjoyment of the journey increases further.  In the same way, if life is also under discipline, the joy of life journey increases further.

  It is also important to have discipline in your hands for the horse of life to continue on its path of progress either by abandoning autocracy or arrogance, or running towards its goal.

When will the school open? The Minister of Education gave the answer.

When will the school open? The Minister of Education gave the answer. :When will the school open? The Education Minister replied that the state government has taken one more important decision in the interest of teachers today. The Gujarat government has decided for the teachers of subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools. From now on, all teachers and staff will be given permanent protection as redundant.

As a result, the new appointee will not have to lose his job due to the closure of the class-school. The decision will benefit an estimated 70,000 state-funded secondary and higher secondary school teachers and staff.ppointment will not lose job: Education Minister

Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that the state government has taken an important decision to provide permanent protection to all teachers and staff of state-funded secondary and higher secondary schools as redundant.

From now on, any newly appointed subsidized secondary or higher secondary school teacher-employee will not face the question of losing a job due to class-school closure.

Government schools having the same recruitment process as the decision
Giving more details in this regard, the Education Minister said that recruitment of teachers in non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools has been done on a centralized basis since 2011. The decision has been taken to have the same recruitment process, TAT examination, qualification, salary scale as well as performance of teachers in government secondary and higher secondary schools and subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools.

When will the school open? The Minister of Education gave the answer.

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When will the school open? The Minister of Education gave the answer.

As teachers appointed in subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools lose their jobs due to lack of surplus protection, such teachers are constantly working under the guise of insecurity, which may have a direct impact on the quality of teaching work. This decision will result in better quality and performance of education.

The Education Minister added that as a result of this decision, if a vacant teacher is appointed instead of re-appointing to fill the vacancy, the long process of filling the vacancy will be avoided and the trained experienced teacher will be given the job and the schools will get experienced teachers quickly.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The government has refused to give mass promotions in primary schools. Reports for mass promotions came in the media that primary schools in the state have not yet started physically amidst the Corona riots. However, the state government clarified that it had no plans to give mass promotions to students due to the epidemic. State Education Minister Chudasama said, "Examinations will be held before promoting students in the next academic class."

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A very commendable program has been launched by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat. Its name is Online Education. Now friends, you will know what this is online and how it is. Let me tell you one thing. Online education is now an epidemic of Corona.  The virus is the reason why schools are not only closed in Gujarat and India but all over the world.

 So viewer friends, today on this blog, how to get online education and how to impart knowledge to your children also becomes your duty. As part of this duty, how can you show this video to your child through your mobile or TV or not?  It is your responsibility. My friends and teachers. I am happy to tell you that there are 32500 primary schools in Gujarat. The teachers of all the primary schools are very highly qualified teachers. The qualifications of all these are as high as we can think because all these teachers.  After doing B.Ed and then passing the competitive exam, there are teachers with high merit, so naturally we must know that if our children get all this knowledge, the Gujarat government has decided to run online education for how smart our children will be.

 So let's see what online education is and how it works, how it works and by whom it is given. First of all, online education is a commendable work done by all the teachers of government primary schools.  It is now our moral duty to tell our friends how to give this study at home and how to give it to our children.  You will learn that you give one hundred percent challenge

 So it is a matter of who broadcasts the video, then this video is shown by the primary school teachers of Gujarat. This video has been broadcast in Gandhinagar's Bike Sector 21. All the recordings have been made.  Talented teachers who are involved in education and are very interested in all aspects of education. All these teachers are also highly qualified. Secondly, you will be surprised to see that the qualifications of all teachers are also very high. We often believe that government school education  Not good but friends it was when it was but now the situation is totally different and all the existing schools also have very different types of teachers as all the teachers are also very qualified for technology as we have seen recently.  We all know that many teacher friends are trying their best to reach out to their school children through their youtube channel.  Let me tell you about the post article.

 So parents, let me tell you that every day through youtube and DD Girnar, all the children are studying online education at home. Through all kinds of literature, this education is given a very kind, excellent and valuable education. So far you can see that from June 15, Gujarat Government education  This program has been started by the department and if it is a complete success, then friends, you also show this program to your children every day and give study to your child sitting at home even in this

Demand for mass promotion in primary schools
170 out of 230 days of study in the state the school is not open


While schools in Gujarat, which have been closed since March due to Kovid, are preparing to reopen after the Diwali vacation, the session is likely to be extended by more than 50 days till the second week of June.As a result, exams will be held in the scorching heat of summer. Not only that, after the board exam in May, the standard 8, 9 and 11 exams may be held in June.
The second session can be as long as 50 days


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