Can you solve this high IQ number math puzzle? | Puzzle Solution 2020

Can you solve this high IQ number math puzzle? | Puzzle Solution 2020

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EXPLANATION-:EQUATION 1 -: 3 + ( 2 x ( 2 + 4 ) ) = 3 + ( 2 x 6 ) = ( 3 + 12 ) = 15 ( note that first we have to half the first number then multiply second number with the addition of second and third number )

EQUATION 2 -: 6 + ( 3 × 8 ) = 6 + 24 = 30 ( note 8 comes from addition of 5 and 8 )

EQUATION 3 -: 15 + ( 8 × 20 ) = 15 + 160 = 175

EQUATION 4 -: 50 + ( 16 × 30 ) = 530

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