If you want to avoid the crowds of the world, just do one thing, start walking on the path of truth.  There is very little crowd and not everyone is ready to walk this path.  Although there are many ways to avoid the people of vain, but by walking on the truth, the vain is automatically released and attains the best.

  Walking four steps towards the goal is several times more important than taking thousands of steps in the wrong direction.  You choose the truth as soon as possible so that even the ultimate truth can choose you.

Walking on the path of truth is the greatest adventure.

Creation takes place on the path of truth.  Only by walking on the path of truth is the welfare of the soul.  May not get power from truth, but Sachinanand is definitely available.

Later on, when this soul enters Brahmarandhra, everything becomes trivial, and this soul gets a great light, and an enlightenment comes, and becomes one who knows the great creation of God.

After this, when the horoscope delights in the base, then the outline of the soul becomes very subtle, and due to becoming subtle, there is what is called the spine, whose yogis have given its outline decision, the nature there.  The circle, the circle of the mind, the circle of the brahm and the great, are the circle of all these tantramatras.  After that, by becoming a subtle form of the soul, this great soul becomes impotent and sees the divine.
When the Yogi acquires so much information, then it becomes important in the Yogi that the corporeal body, when it is desired, renounces and the soul starts traveling through folklores.  We have given this decision only after knowing this speed.

  We have a question, and if Mahanand ji has just asked the question, then there is no doubt that how you pronounced it when it is not a matter of utterances of God.  But compound verbs are known by experience.  Can guess that.  But the moment when this soul delights in the divine, and joy is enjoyed only.  At that time, one cannot pronounce that joy.  This soul, this is definitely there.


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