Latest Circular on Use of Second Installment of School Joint Grant in Government Primary Schools

Latest Circular on Use of Second Installment of School Joint Grant in Government Primary Schools

Latest Circular on Use of Second Installment of School Joint Grant in Government Primary Schools



Whether it is your own fault but blaming others, this has become the nature of this man today.  If a man falls, he blames the stone, when he drowns he blames the water and if he cannot do anything, he blames destiny.
The only meaning of blaming others is that you are unable to accept the mistake of yourself and crush all possibilities of improvement in your own hands.

It is more fatal than having blame in one's own life, blaming others because it involves both wastage of time and self-sufficiency.  Therefore, try self-improvement, where there is a tendency for self-improvement, there is also union with God.

This land of India has been the land of saints.  On this day, Vaishak Shukla Paksha Panchami also had the appearance of two great souls on this land.  One was Adi Guru Shrimad Shankaracharya Ji Maharaj and the other was the great saint Surdas Baba Ji Maharaj.

Both of them have done great favors on this Bharatvarsha and paved the way for the salvation and welfare of this creature in their own way in their time.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swamiji was a worshiper of Nirguna form due to being knowledgeable, while Surdas Baba Ji was a worshiper of Saguna form because of being love loving.  One told the path to reach that Lord through the path of knowledge and one told the path to reach that Lord through the path of love.

Regarding the use of 'Composite School Grant' to meet the hygiene related facilities and WASH related requirements under the 'Wash in School' programme.
It is true that there are a lot of miseries in the life of the devotee, but it is also true that there is never despair on the face of the Lord devotee.

Bhakti does not eradicate sorrow, it just increases the ability to bear sorrow so much that even the greatest grief can appear dwarf in front of it.  Devotion is the makeup of life.  Bhakti is the toilet that enhances the beauty of life.

Lord Shri Ram himself tells Mother Shabari that-
        How is the inferior male Sohi?
       Binu jal barid dekhiya

Dhoria village of Kadi Pargana was known as Madalpur seven hundred years ago.  But in times of turmoil, it was ruined.  A few years later he settled down.  In the village padar, grazing means that the cattle graze here and there and rest under the trees on the shore of the lake.  Hence, it got its name from Madalpur.

At Gondar of this village, there is a five-foot-high paddy field.  An armed horseman is carved in the stone of Paliya.  Sword in one hand, turban on head, caddy dagger.

The story of seven hundred years of heroism is a spring gushing from its vermilion shell.  The Bon-Dikari and Vahuvarus of Dhoria village still observe this Paliya faith.  When it goes to Paliya, it also maintains its malajo.

The darkness of the night when it spreads on all four sides of the village.  A golden page of seven-hundred-year-old history flutters as the sky is filled with twinkling of stars and meteorites falling across the horizon.

17th Feb 2021

Sensex 51,703.83 ▼ 0.77%

Nifty 15,208.90 ▼ 0.68%

The markets ended up in the red today.

Indices were in red throughout the globe. Indian markets were probably mirroring that.


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Petrol Price Crosses Rs 100 in Some States

The price of petrol crossed the Rs 100/liter mark in Rajasthan today. It was at Rs 100.13 per liter.

This was the 9th straight day when fuel prices rose.

The price of both diesel and petrol was raised by 25 paise.

In Delhi, the price of petrol was Rs 89.54 while the price of diesel was Rs 86.98.


Warren Buffett Reduces Apple Stake

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has reduced its stake in Apple by 6%.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, Apple shares surged massively taking Warren Buffett’s portfolio up in a big manner.

Apple is the single largest investment of Berkshire Hathaway and remains so even after the 6% stake sale.

At the same time, Warren Buffett has increased his stake in pharmaceutical companies AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Merck & Co.

He also increased his stake in T-Mobile and Verizon - both telecommunications companies.


IPO Corner: Nureca, RailTel

Nureca IPO Subscribed 40 Times on Day 3

The Nureca IPO was subscribed 39.93 times on day 3 of bidding.

The issue received bids for 5.59 crore shares against an offer size of 14.01 lakh shares.

Subscription Status:

Retail investors: 166.65 times

Employees: 4.82 times

Non-institutional investors: 31.59 times

Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB): 3.1 times

RailTel IPO Subscribed 6.65 Times on Day 2

The Railtel IPO was subscribed 6.65 times so far on day 2 of bidding.

The issue received bids for 40.64 crore shares against an offer size of 6.11 crore shares.

Subscription Status:

Retail investors: 10.54 times

Employees: 1.85 times

Non-institutional investors: 2.63 times

Qualified Institutional Buyers: 2.96 times


Word of the Day


Red Herring Prospectus

It is the initial filing by a company wishing to go for an IPO.

It contains information about the company’s business operations, promotors, financials, where it stands in the industry, why it wants to go for an IPO, and more relevant information pertaining to the company.

It gives investors a peak into what the company is all about.

Every IPO investor must read the RHP before deciding to invest in an IPO.


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