Circular to prepare school hygiene action plan How to prepare action plan in school? Download the action plan word file


Circular to prepare school hygiene action plan How to prepare action plan in school?  Download the action plan word file




WASH in School Paripatra and Shala Swachchata Action Plan" WASH in School Program Antargat Taiyar Karva Babat

If there is truth in our tongue, happiness in the face and purity in the heart, then there can be no other source of a pleasant life than this.

Understand that untruth makes us weak from within.  People who give untruth are very weak in their spirit.  Those who want to avoid their responsibilities make the most untrue speech.  We should continuously strive to be a responsible person by taking shelter of truth.

Lack of perfection is found in every karma performed in Udasi.  We should try that every karma should be done with pleasure.  Life presents us with both sadness and happiness.  Now it depends on us what we like.  What do we want to choose ...?

Nishikapat and Nirbaar Bhava is the purity of heart.  If there is any big achievement in life, then it is the attainment of the pure heart.  Works done with a pure heart are also sacred.

                      God himself says,
               Nirmal Mana Jana So Mohi Paava
              Mohi fraud trick shit


There is only one solution to many problems of life and that is forgiveness - forgive or ask!

To forgive someone for his mistake is also a bold and divine quality. Many problems of our life arise from there, when we get a sense of importance that why should I forgive him ..?

  This importance then ceases to be the cause of rivalry and vengeance.

One more thing a great man said that it is easy to forgive but it is not easy to apologize.  We know it is a good thing to forgive, but we should also come to apologize, it is a better thing than that.

  In order to make the relationship strong and melodious in family life, in friendship life or in social life, one must have prominence of both these qualities.

The foundation of Mahabharata itself was based on the formula that if no one was forgiven, no one was apologized.

To save our life from the new Mahabharata and spend it in bliss, there is only one formula, and that is forgiveness - forgive or ask!


National Toy Fair has been organized in collaboration with other Ministries including the Ministry of Education. The first National Toy Fair has been organized in virtual mode from 27/02/2021 to 02/03/2021 (Day-4)

It is mandatory to register to see the various works at the first National Toy Fair held in the nation in virtual mode which can be done till 25/02/2021.  Teachers of the state join and participate in the National Toy Fair and with the intention of using the various categories of toys displayed in the fair in their classroom education, all the teachers of all types of schools in the state, including SMC members, CRCC B.R.C.  In order for the head teachers, students and parents to join and get the benefit through the following link, from 27/02/2021 to 02/03/2021 (Day-4) the necessary instructions to join them should be given from your level. 


I would like to give you information on how we can do home study at home. First of all, we can do many things through online education to study at home. At present, many programs are being supported online by the Government of Gujarat  I would like to discuss here how education is provided in a way that gives us very beautiful information in many ways.

 First of all, let me tell you that for home study, the study is now conducted from Std. 1 to Std. 12. It is very important to study. The information that is suitable for the children is served.  The video is given to the children for knowledge in a way that they can understand in any and simple language

 This video is presented in different places of each teacher in different places through youtube as well as through the organization. Teachers are selected for this video in government primary schools of Gujarat. Since this video is not available, it is distributed to every child free of cost.

 This video is broadcast daily in DD Girnar. The time of this video is Standard Wise from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  All these videos that are presented are all government primary school videos in which all government primary school videos are made by government primary school teachers. Friends, you all know that the importance of a teacher in life is also very important in terms of education.  Is important

 All the videos are watched by the children through youtube or DD Girnar when they go home but it is very important that all the children keep notes and pens together while watching the video as it is very important that the children write some points in the notes through notes and pens.  It is also very important for the knowledge of the children. You will be surprised to know that all the videos will be provided online by the government on a daily basis till the lockdown.

 All the children from all over Gujarat are studying like private school children, government primary school children, secondary primary department as well as higher secondary department. All the children will find this youtube video as well as DD Girnar's video very useful.

 All kinds of videos are uploaded daily on this blog. You can watch them all and increase your knowledge and make your education more effective. Information will be easily available on this blog every day.

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